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Automatic Irrigation System Installation in Thane

Benefits of Having an Automatic Irrigation System Installation in Thane


An automatic system requires no manual labor other than meeting with the irrigation contractor, paying the bill, and flipping a switch. You are not even required to be present when your lawn is watered.


Automatic irrigation systems deliver water to your lawn exactly where and when it is needed, lowering utility bills and offsetting the initial cost of installation. In fact, automatic sprinklers pay for themselves in a matter of years and can even increase the value of your home. 


The ability to save water is perhaps the most appealing feature of an automatic irrigation system. Say good-bye to dry patches and well-watered sidewalks and driveways. Automatic systems provide precise coverage, removing the risk of overwatering or underwatering your lawn. Timers can be set to water on a daily or weekly basis, as well as during periods of low evaporation.

 Professional installation and routine maintenance: 

Many irrigation contractors now use a vibratory plow for quick installation and minimal disruption to a lawn, leaving virtually no trace that the soil was disturbed at all. A professional contractor will also provide important winterization services, such as blowing all water out of your pipes and sprinkler heads prior to winter each year, as well as spring startup and other routine inspections. 

 Remotely Monitored Fully Automatic Irrigation System 

The system can also be used remotely to allow a farmer to monitor the entire system, including automatically measuring the water needs and crop content, checking if there is any blockage in the passage of water, and switching off the system via the device application if any problem is detected.

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